Friday, November 16, 2012

Parts arrived! (part 4/7)

Today it's nuts, bolts and washers day. What can I say? They arrived, ... that's about it.

What's still missing?

  • Rods
  • Plastic parts
  • PTFE tube (still looking for a supplier that anything than by the meter


  1. Hope you will get rest of elements soon..

  2. Hello! Did you ever experience such a situation when a person has robbed you online and took your personal ideas? Can't wait to see your answer.

    1. @FriskyBrainiac


      I'm not sure if I understand your comment. Are you being robbed of personal ideas online or are you suggesting I did rob someone.

      In case you have been 'robbed', it might not have been such a good idea to share/publish ideas without protecting them first.

      In case you suggest that I robbed someone: the whole RepRap project, including Rostock (, is an open source project. Open source means that either you come up with something new and share it with the world for free or you take some open source project, (try to) improve it and share the result again.

      Professor Bowyer, the initiator of the RepRap project has an interesting interview on open source and its advantages:
      As from minute 7:09 Prof Bowyer addresses his view on the open source philosophy.

      Kind regards,