Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Build Status Update (part 6/many) - First moves!

Today my printed parts (red abs) and the rods arrived; so time to start assembling my very own Rostock Delta style 3D printer.

Goal for the day was one moving 'leg', and moving... it did albeit for a very short time!

Before the first attempt, I had to fiddle a bit with the Marlin script though (reversing polarity of the motors). Question to myself: time to make a fork or ask Johann for some enhancements in the standard version?

But as I said, it moved... and it stuttered. But still it moved. By stuttering I mean the top idler was misaligned with the filament pulley, so the spectra 'derailed' but hey; goal of the day reached!

Below is a little video of the very first move. It's an unedited version, so you will also see the filament loosening at the end (Maybe I should have made a 'director's cut').

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