Friday, November 16, 2012

Build Status Update (part 2/many) - It's moving!

It's moving! This evening I connected all the electronic and electrical stuff, apart from the J-head MK 5b hot end, to do a first test of the components, ... and I could 'virtually print' something. First test passed: all the stuff involved seems to work, even the salvaged ATX power supply I ripped out of an old PC (took me while though).

Next challenge: the 'brains' of what is supposed to become my derivative of a Rostock style Delta RepRap 3D printer will be a Sanguinololu. The board came preloaded with standard Marlin software (allowing me to do the initial component tests), so I need to upload the 'Rostock Marlin' version. As the Sanguinololu is hooked up to a Mac, it seems I might be in for a long search as how to do the uploading. There seems to be no such thing as a standard step by step tutorial to follow. I will post my findings as soon as I am able to do the upload and have some documentation on the process.

Hope it won't take too long before my next update.

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