Friday, November 9, 2012

Waiting for parts to arrive

Quick update as it's been a while. I just ordered most of the parts I need for my first Rostock 3D printer derivative.

A few hick-ups though. The guy who previously agreed to print the plastic - ABS - parts and deliver the rods, just informed me - after I emailed him my 'order' - that he 'just' raised his price with a little over 20%. I think he really expected me to order the parts anyway. To be clear about this: I am not; a quote is a quote in my book.

So I am looking for someone else in the area to print the required Rostock parts and I also need to find a new supplier for the rods (hope it doesn't take too long to find somebody).

I also need to find a PTFE (bowden tube) supplier that doesn't charge a shipping fee that exceeds the product cost tenfold.

Once this is finished, the wait for the parts can start and after that it's up to the fun part.

I'll keep you guys updated on my search for the suppliers of the last parts and maybe post some pics as soon as parts start to arrive.

Happy fabbing!

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