Friday, December 7, 2012

Drawing parts (1 / many)

Pending the arrival of the last parts, I decided to start designing some modifications I plan to incorporate in my printer.

First things first though. So activities of yesterday's and today's evenings were:

  • Install OpenSCAD 3D modeling software which seems to be the favorite amongst the freeware loving builders/makers community.
  • Learn the OpenSCAD scripting/programming language. Luckily it comes with the decent manual and there are quite some interesting lessons on Youtube.
  • Design a first thing to get a feel of OpenSCAD. I chose to design a 'parameterized' new version of a pulley for a string driven Rostock (preset for M3 nuts and bolts). Came out quite well,... I hope (can't print it yet, so I hope to get some feedback from my readers or from people downloading it from Thingiverse.
  • Post the pulley on Thingiverse for everybody to use 

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