Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rostock Build: Status Update

As I mentioned before, it takes one to make one. So, the first thing to do is build one.

As I intend to develop an iteration on the Rostock type 3D printer, I decided to start by building one just to 1) have a printer to print the parts I will need in the future to develop my own iteration and 2) to get some experience along the way.

As of now I am finalizing the sourcing process for my initial Bill of Materials (BOM) and am just waiting for some shipping cost information.

I decided to build kind of a mix of Johann's Rostock (the original Delta Type 3D Printer) and Bill's variation of it (neither published a complete BOM; so there is some 'guestimating' involved.

Once I get the last information on shipping costs (I am sourcing all over the planet; so watching shipping costs is quite important), I will start ordering the parts and keep you guys and girls posted on the progress. So check in regularly for some news on the Rostock/Bill and spread the news.

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